All India Radio is world’s largest Radio Network it serves to the nation by providing utility programmers It various languages with the objective BHAUJAN HITAAY, BHAUJAN SUKHAAY…(Welfare of all, happiness of all) All India Radio, popularly known as AIR and Akashvani covers 91.42% area and 99.13% population of the nation. AIR provides information, education & entertainment, and also creates public opinion, as a democratic process, through its broadcasts.

The Origin

Radio broadcasts began in India in the early 1920’s. The first programmer was broadcast in 1923 by the Radio club of Bombay This was followed by setting up of a Broadcasting service that began broadcasting on 23rd July 1927.

All India Radio also came to be known as Akashvani in 1956.

When India attained independence in 1947, AIR had a network of 6 stations (Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, Tiruchirapalli, and Lucknow). There were 5 stations owned by the princely states (Hyderabad, Aurangabad, Mysore, Trivendram & Baroda) which later mewed with AIR.

The Network

In 2007, AIR has about 250 radio stations and about 350 transmitters operating in Medium wave, short wave & F.M. AIR broadcasts in 24 languages & 146 dialects, in home service, It external services, it covers 27 languages 16 foreign languages.

Air Channels

All India Radio operates its services through :

Primary Channel – Basic, hard core progs. for general & special audience
Commercial B’casting Services (Vividh Bharti) – Film song hased entertainment
FM Channels – FM Rainbow (12 stereo channels) & FM Gold (News Entertainment)
National Channel – essentially a night service : 6 pm to 6 a.m.
DTH : Direct to Home radio service : 12 radio channel, wound the clock
Bhasha Bharti (for national capital Delhi, progs. in 15 languages.)
Amrutha Varshini : Operating from Bangalore-classical music channel.
External Services : Covers 100 countries in short wave.